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Viewing his prosperity as a blessing, Sam now utilises his business success and experience to help others achieve their dreams. Working as both a mentor and motivational speaker, Sam draws on his life experience, successful career, and a wealth of knowledge in business to encourage others to realise their own potential, delivering powerful and inspiring messages to ‘create your own quality of life’.

Real, personable and approachable, Sam is someone who truly ‘walks the talk’. His down to earth style combined with his positive presence and personality, engage and motivate audiences. Sam’s clear sense of direction, vision for the future, and ability to uplift and inspire his audience, ensures his messages are absorbed and remembered long after an event.

School & University
School and University students around Australia have found Sam’s talks to be both inspiring and entertaining. His down to earth approach and honesty make his talks both authentic and relatable. Sam shares his struggles from childhood, through to school and university and shares his advice on how to overcome any circumstance and determine your own destiny. Encouraging his audiences to courageously pursue their own purpose and identity, Sam proves through his own experiences that the only limits we have are those we set for ourselves.
Sam is highly sought after for his talks about achieving your full potential. He provides expertise to businesses and individuals looking for advice from a proven industry thought-leader. His vast array of speaking topics range from his own business success story, to facing challenges, creating opportunities, leadership, customer service, the psychology of success, and more..
Sam’s entrepreneurial journey is certainly one that you want to hear. It is a story of growth, compassion, and courage, and evidence that hard work does actually pay off. Sam’s infectious positivity and compelling journey will empower you with the inspiration, motivation and insight you need to define your vision and achieve your goals.

No matter where you are in life, Sam’s story is proof that anything is possible. His techniques for success will uncover the importance of perspective, and that with the right mindset, you can focus on the thoughts and actions that support your goals, and ultimately create your own quality of life.