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Believe in YOU…

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The ability to believe in yourself is essential to living a fulfilled life, particularly when it comes to business. Everything we have in life is there because we believed it was possible, yet for most people, self doubt takes over and prevents them from truly reaching their potential. I’ve always had a very strong sense…

Why You Need A Mentor

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Nothing brings about success like walking through the right doors, and a sure way to get through those doors, is finding the right mentor. Working out what you need to succeed in business is a challenging, complex process that requires constant analysis and dedication. Utilising the advice of someone who has already faced these challenges…

The key to a winning business idea

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I’m often asked  how I came up with my first business idea and how did I know it would succeed. The truth is, I didn’t. There are no guarantees in life, but I did know my strengths and how to capitalize on them. I have always been a very motivated and driven person. If I…

Passion: a fundamental element of success

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It’s a word that is often overused, but one that’s necessary when it comes to lasting in business and that word is PASSION. Despite what we might like to believe, successful businesses don’t just happen overnight. Successful entrepreneurship is the result of long hours, sleepless nights, and relentless commitment. It is certainly not a get…

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Minimise risk and succeed

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Starting your own business is as scary as it is exciting, and let’s be honest, it’s pretty exciting. It can be tough to take those first steps, but there are a number of things you can do to make the plunge seem a little less terrifying. All these things revolve around the concept of minimising…

Business Casual with Steve Hoskins and Sam Bashiry

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I share my story with Steve Hoskins from Village TV.